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Spencer FC’s girlfriend

While some YouTuber’s girlfriends are a big mystery, Spencer FC was always very public about his romantic relationship. After all, he and his girlfriend founded the joint YouTube channel titled Spencer & Alex and upload regularly posts about heir private life. So what interesting things are here to know about Spencer’s gorgeous girlfriend?
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Miniminter’s girlfriend

Simon Minter aka Miniminter is one of the Sidemen and popular YouTuber. His YouTube channel amassed incredible 6.3 million followers and although there is relatively lot known about his personal life, nobody seemed to be able to figure out if he is dating someone or remains single. So does Miniminter have a girlfriend?
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NepentheZ’s girlfriend

NepentheZ is famous for his FIFA video game devoted YouTube channel which gathered over 1.5 million subscribersHe is also part of the Ultimate Sidemen. But this article will not be about his FIFA passion but rather his personal life. Some of you might know that NepentheZ has a girlfriend but who is she? Just keep reading.
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