ChrisMD’s girlfriend

Popular YouTuber Chris Dixon is more famous under his online nickname ChrisMD. His channeld devoted mostly to football and FIFA gathered incredible 3.5 million subscribers and his fans are eager to know also some details from his personal life. For exampe, does ChrisMD have a girlfriend?

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His fans are used to see his friends and his sister on his internet profiles and YouTube channel. But for a long time there was nobody who would pass as a girlfriend. That changed recently. ChrisMD posted a photo of him and some unknown girl. Those two look really close to each other. Are they dating?

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Her identity didn’t remain a mystery for now lomg. Her name is Shannon Langdon. But Chris didn’t confirm her as his girlfriend yet. But that can change soon. We will keep an eye on him and bring you updates as soon as we know more.

ChrisMD is 21 years old and he is uploading videos on YouTuber since 2011. Some of his most popular videos are FIFA 16 – One Toty Pack Opening To Rule Them and The Extreme Arsenal Football Challenge.