Christian Guzman’s girlfriend

Christian Guzman is a YouTube star and famous bodybuilder. Thanks to his good looks and ripped body, he has his pick of women. So let’s take a sneak peek on interesting his dating history. So far it looks like he prefers to date girls who are also bodybuilders and internet celebrities as him.

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Couple years back, Christian started dating fellow bodybuilder Nikki Blackketter. She has an amazing body and they often posed together in a gym. But being attractive and having the same hobby apparently wasn’t enough to maintain a happy relationship. So in February 2016, Guzman broke up with Nikki.

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But this bulky bodybuilder didn’t stay single. And again, he chose a woman who on the top of her curves has also some serious muscles. As of 2017, his current girlfriend is Heidi Somers aka buffbunny. This blonde has her own YouTube channel and Instagram account with 1.4 million followers. That’s a lot of fans, who want to be supplied regularly with her scantily-clad selfies from gyms and beaches.

Their relationship is still pretty fresh s the news of Christian and Heidi dating leaked out in Januaru 2017. So only the time will tell, how strong bond is the bond. The photo above is from their recent luxurious vacation on Caymans.