David Laid’s girlfriend

Fitness guru and internet celebrity David Laid gained recognition for his body transformation from skinny teenager into ripped bodybuilder. This handsome young man has quite a lot female fans and definitely has his pick of women. So who is he dating? We know the identity of his current girlfriend.

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Most bodybuilders prefer to date women from the same field and place a high value on girl having some muscles. It looks like David is a little different in this but he still likes to date a fit gal. His current girlfriend is a dancer named Julia Jakcson.

David Laid is usually pretty secretive about his love life and so is Julia but both of them shared one lovely photo as a couple on their personal Instagram sites. However, the details about their relationship aren’t publicly known.

David shares online the story of his body transformation. At the age of 14, he was a skinny teenager but decided to do something about it. By the time he was 17, he had large muscles all over his body. Pretty inspirational story. Today, he is 19 years old.