Genevieve Morton’s boyfriend

Gorgeous bikini model Genevieve Morton (known mostly for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue pics) keeps her dating life pretty secret. So are there any leads that might uncover who is her boyfriend in 2017? Well we definitely think we are up to something. There is a one handsome actor she is recently spending a lot of time with.

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That guy we have in mind is a Scottish actor Declan Michael Laird. The two of them go out together a lot. Below this paragraph you can see their selfie from a dinner date. They look pretty close, don’t they? But it is more complicated than that. Genevieve and Declan claim that they are only best friends.

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After Morton released her black and white and very undressed calendar, Laird tweeted that he supports his “great and very hot friend”. So what it the real deal? We will give those two the benefit of the doubt but to us they surely look a lot like couple.

There is currently no man closer to her right now than Declan. So if he isn’t her boyfriend, this South African blonde beauty might be single. Pretty tempting idea, huh? Anyone offering their matchmaking services?