Halsey’s boyfriend

Young American singer Halsey rose to fame in 2014 and her fans got very interested in her dating life. And believe us, it’s an interesting reading. Besides multiple rumors, there is one confirmed on and off relationship. Could it be Halsey’s true love? Let’s take a look on this boyfriend and her other romances.

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Before becoming famous, Halsey had allegedly a junkie boyfriend and her whole life was a mess. But she worked hard to get her life back together. She was linked romantically to multiple singers, such as Justin Bieber and Andrew Taggart from The Chainsmokers. With Andrew, she had actually very steamy performance at 2016 VMAs. Some touches were exchanged that make it hard to believe that there was no real relationship behind this performance.

The person that is most likely to be Halsey’s long-term boyfriend is Norwegian musician and producer Lido. Halsey and Lido have on and off relationship and fans seem to love this couple. They also share photos on social media. So far, Lido looks like the best candidate for settling down at some point in the future. But we will wait and see.