Hannah Ferguson’s boyfriend

Hot model Hannah Ferguson is not single as some sources claim. She is currently out of dating market. As many other models, she decided to date a professional athlete. Apparently famous models and rich athletes match very well. So who is her lucky boyfriend and how the two of them met?

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Ferguson’s current boyfriend in 2017 is a former professional baseball player Conn Davis. He is a brother of another SI swimsuit model Hannah Davis. It is not a surprise that they met through her. The happy couple met in Miami, Florida on one of the regular Sports Illustrated events. Davis brought her brother with her and sparks were exchanged between him and Ferguson who at first didn’t know that he and Hannah Davis are related.

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On the picture above, you have all three of them together. From the left: Hannah Davis, Conn Davis, and Hannah Ferguson.

Slim blonde model is quite tall. But that is nothing compared to her boyfriend. Conn Davis is 6’4″ tall. So far it looks like they both met the perfect match. We wish them luck and can’t wait for the engagement! Dating history of Hannah prior to her relationship with Conn isn’t publicly known.