Harrison Gilbertson’s girlfriend

Australian actor Harrison Gilbertson’s fame skyrocketed in 2017 when he played Cameron Briel in romantic movie Fallen. In this film, Gilbertson’s character falls in love with Luce Price played by Addison Timlin? But who is Harrison’s girlfriend in the real life or is he possibly single?

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Gilbertson and Timlin spent a lot of time together while filming Fallen so it didn’t take much for some to assume that they are dating in the real life. But while they would make a great looking couple, Timlin is currently in a long-term relationship with Zach Shields.

So if not Addison, who is Gilbertson’s girlfriend in 2017? It looks like nobody and Harrison might in fact be single as of right now. Or he is at least very good at hiding relationship if he has one. But famous and good looking guy like him will not stay on the market for long.

Harrison was born June 29, 1993 in Adelaide, Australia. He had couple of small roles and eventually won Australian Film Institute Award for young actor in 2010. But although he appeared for example in Haunt, Need for Speed, and My Mistress, he remained relatively unknown. But that is changing right now. It looks like Fallen was his breakthrough moment.