Jake Paul’s girlfriend

Young actor Jake Paul became famous thanks to Vine (video social network) and gained millions of (especially female) fans. It’s no wonder that many of them want to know who’s his girlfriend. Jake was pretty secretive about his love life most of the time but now it looks like he decided to reveal more.

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As an internet celebrity, Jake Paul collaborated with many fellow YouTubers, Viners, etc. One girl kept appearing again and again though. We are talking about Alissa Violet. Many fans noticed how much time those two spend together and how affectionate they treat each other. However, Jake and Alissa both claimed for a long time that they are just friends.

Yet, in January 2017, Jake Paul published video on his YouTube channel that’s titled Our First Date! Is that just a trick to gain millions of views or a genuine date? Well, they decided to play mysterious again. For now, it looks like most fans believe the video was a “fake date” but at the same time, they are still convinced that Jake Paul and Alissa Violet are in fact more than a friends. They might not call it dating or put another label on it but when two attractive young people, man and woman, spend so much time together, the suspicion is probably justified.