Jeremy Irvine’s girlfriend

Handsome British actor Jeremy Irvine started his film career back in 2011 and most recently played in young adult novel adaptation Fallen. This romantic role brought him lots of new female fans who want to know whether he has a girlfriend in 2017. So let’s take a close look on his dating history which is quite interesting.

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In 2009, Irvine started dating cute redhead Amy Wren. There is not much known about this relationship but they appeared together at some red carpet events. Irvine and this lovely actress broke up in 2011 after two years of relationship but Jeremy didn’t stay single for a long.

His next girlfriend was even more famous. He got into a serious relationship with famous singer Ellie Goulding in 2012. They were seen together on many occasions, not trying to keep their romance secret. Although they looked very happy together, Irvine and Goulding broke up in 2013.

There wasn’t much information about Jeremy’s dating life after that and some websites claim that he remains single since his breakup with Ellie. But that’s not true! Jeremy is currently dating in 2017. It’s just that his new girlfriend isn’t that famous to trigger paparazzi’s attention.

His current girlfriend’s name is Jodie Spencer. She is a beautiful blonde, keeps pretty active Instagram account, and likes dogs. She should keep an eye on him since the premiere of Fallen will make him so much more in demand.