Lauren Jauregui’s boyfriend

Pop singer Lauren Jauregui rose to fame in 2012 and fans are curious about her love life ever since. Until recently, there was not much to report on. This changed in 2017 as it looks like Lauren has finally a boyfriend and isn’t too shy about it. Let’s take a look on this newly formed couple.

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With 4.7 million fans on her Instagram, no wonder that so many peoplae want to know who is Jauregui’s boyfriend. During 2017, pictures and rumors started spreading online that suggested rapper Ty Dolla Sign is Lauren’s chosen one. Now it seems to be pretty proven.

There is a quite a age difference between them. Ty Dolla Sign is 32 years old while Lauren only recently turned 21. But so far it seems to be working for them and we wish them luck.They appeared together on several party photos and seem to be very comfortable with each other.

Jauregui is openly bisexual and belongs to the strong advocates of LGBT cause. She also often criticizes president Donald Trump. She definitely grew a lot as a person since she auditioned in The X Factor. We wish her the long lasting relationship and keep and eye on her relationship with famous rapper.