Miniminter’s girlfriend

Simon Minter aka Miniminter is one of the Sidemen and popular YouTuber. His YouTube channel amassed incredible 6.3 million followers and although there is relatively lot known about his personal life, nobody seemed to be able to figure out if he is dating someone or remains single. So does Miniminter have a girlfriend?

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In Deecember 2016, Miniminter tweeted “Everyone keeps going on about a girl in my video. Why does it matter that I have a girlfriend?” This triggered a lot of reactions from his female fans. Many of them apparently have crush on Miniminter and wold like to see him single for the rest of his days.

But what video exactly was he referring to? Fellow vlogger Jesse Fangs appeared in some of his uploads around that time but it can’t be her. Simply because Jesse is married to GI Doobie. Miniminter and Fangs are definitely just friends.

Apparently, Miniminter likes to keep his fans in doubts. There is no credible source at this point to figure out the indetity of his girlfriend. it could be that he is single after all. What do you think?