Morgz’s girlfriend

Young internet star Morgan Hudson is much more famous under his internet nickname Morgz. He publicly introduced his new girlfriend just recently in a video titled Meet My Girlfriend (I’m Dating a Youtuber). Although not as famous as him, she has a quite following too and here is what we know about her and their romance!

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His girlfriends name is Anastasia (sometimes called shortly Ana) but she is suing title Floral Princess for her YouTube channel. It is dedicated mostly to beauty and makeup and so far amassed around 330 thousand subscribers. Her most popular upload is School Morning Routine from two years ago.

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Morgz himself has over 2.5 million subscribers and posts mostly pranks, challenges, and other fun stuff. He created special channel also for his mother. But let’s go back to his relationship with Anastasia now.

They did couple of videos that seem to be aimed at getting each others fans but so far revealed very little about the relationship itself. That is why some speculated that she might not be really his girlfriend. We will see in the future. So far we will trust those lovebirds when they say they are dating.