NepentheZ’s girlfriend

NepentheZ is famous for his FIFA video game devoted YouTube channel which gathered over 1.5 million subscribersHe is also part of the Ultimate Sidemen. But this article will not be about his FIFA passion but rather his personal life. Some of you might know that NepentheZ has a girlfriend but who is she? Just keep reading.

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His girlfriend’s name is Lauren and they are in a long-term committed relationship. She gave birth to their daughter Grace in 2015. Nepenthez’s real name is Craig Douglas and he lives in London, United Kingdom.

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His girlfriend Lauren runs clothing apparel store called Neppo Designs. She has active Twitter acount under the nickname LaurenLolipop but her most recent tweets are from 2015. It looks like she doesn’t have time for tweeting anymore. Lauren her gorgeous long blond hair. The only thing we don’t know and are curious about: when will NephenteZ and Lauren get married?