Poppy Drayton’s boyfriend

Beautiful British actress Poppy Drayton is most famous as Amberle in The Shannara Chronicles. Her fans want to know more about her although Poppy is quite secretive about her private life and dating history? Still, there is a rumored boyfriend so let’s take a closer look on this alleged relationship.

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According to some rumors, Drayton is dating Tha Shannara Chronicles co-star Aaron Jakubenko. He plays Ander and they surely spent a lot of time together while filming this fantasy show. They also wouldn’t be the first celebrities that started dating on the set. Neither of them officially confirmed this relationship though and it is possible that all was just a romantic fling or only rumor.

Her character Amberle has Wil Ohmsford played by Austin Butler for a boyfriend. But there are no clues that these two hit it off in the real life. They would be a cute couple though. Poppy’s future on The Shannara Chronicles is now uncertain, as her character turned into a tree at the end of the first season.

If you liked Poppy Drayton as an actress, you can look forward to upcoming fantasy-adventure movie The Little Mermaid where Poppy will be playing the main character. The film is loosely based on the original tale from Hans Christian Andersen. It will be available on Netflix in the second half of 2017.