Robin Gallant’s boyfriend

Canadian bikini competitor and powerlifter Robin Gallant rose to prominence on Instagram where she amassed over 273 thousand followers. This beauty is so fit and apparentlz loves to date men who are also taking great care of their body. Lets take a look on her dating history and who is her current boyfriend as of 2017.

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In the past, Robin dated pro natural bodybuilder and fellow powerlifter Jeff Nippard. They were really matching couple. Both devoting lot of time and energy to building a perfect body. Besides that, Gallant most likely enhanced her breast size through silicone implants since losing fat during bodybuilding while maintaining a breast tissue is a well known problem of many female bodybuilders. However, Gallant and her boyfriend evetually broke up.

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As of 2017, Robin is dating a new boyfriend. His name is Ben Francis and he is a Gymshark Owner & CEO. Gallant is a Gymshark Athlete for a while and that is most likely how they met. But Francis is not just an entrepreneur. He also works out a lot and has some big muscles. It looks like Robin always goes for a certain type, right? They both post pictures as a couple on their Instagram accounts and look pretty happy in 2017.