Steve Cook’s girlfriend

Popular bodybuilder Steve Cook has an interesting dating history. He worked out hard to be in the best shape possible so it is not surprising that he expects hot body also from his girlfriend. Let’s take a look on his datin history from the very beginning. It might surprise you that he married early but later got divorced.

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Cook once revealed to his fans, that he married early a girl he met at college. After they both left the school, their marriage started slowly fall apart. Eventually, his wife announced him that she wants a divorce. This experience didn’t break him. On the contrary, he started working out as much as possible. Cook never revealed the name of his early girlfriend/wife.

In 2013, Steve started dating hot blonde Carlie Butler that is famous for her makeup YouTube channel CarlieStylez. She has a terrific body that she showed on the internet couple times wearing just swimwear. Yet, she isn’t exactly fitness freak. At leas not as much as Cook. This couple broke up in 2015.

But Steve Cook didn’t stay single for a long time. As of 2017, his new girlfriend is fitness model Courtney Alexis King. They are both obsessed with working out so this relationship might work. Courtney got to the finals at the 2013 and 2015 IFBB Bikini Olympia contest. Above you can see picture of both of them, comparing their six-packs.