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Celebrity Couples Who Met on the Set

You most likely know some of the most famous ones. For example Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman met on the set of Days of Thunder and soon after that Nicole married Tom at early age of 23. While already being the real couple, they also played later lovers in Far and Away and jealous husband and wife in Eyes Wide Shut. But what are some less known examples of this phenomenon that seems to be extremely common. Casting director creates a fantasy couple and the actors fall for each other soon after in the real life.
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Alexandra Daddario’s boyfriend

Young actress Alexandra Daddario is very attractive woman and she dated several famous men in the past. Who was her first celebrity date and did make it to the list of her ex boyfriends? Her first recorded famous boyfriend was fellow actor Jason Fuchs. They were a couple from 2006 til their breakup in 2009.
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