Taylor Hill’s boyfriend before Michael Stephen Shank

Taylor Hill became famous as Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015. Her gorgeous body instantly amazed the whole world. Hill’s Instagram amassed incredible 7 million followers. Before becoming an Angel, Hill already walked at Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She is in a wonderful long-term relationship and recently her high school romance got into the media spotlight.

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill has been dating model and actor Michael Stephen Shank ever since they met in 2015. Both are pretty private about their former relationships. Taylor likes to snap pictures of the two of them quite regularly and post them on her Instagram account and fans love it.

The couple was seen at the 2016 Coachella festival. Michael also knows many other Victoria’s Secret models. In the past he was romantically involved with Gigi Hadid. The cute couple likes to be goofy with each other and show how much fun they have together. Although Michael dated fellow model Gigi Hadid in the past, Gigi anf Taylor remain friends.

Recently, Hill’s sweetheart from high school, Jordan Jack confirmed that he was dating Victoria’s Secret angel in their freshman and sophomore year. Apparently, Taylor was following her dreams ever since she was growing up. She asked Jordan to go with her to Sadie Hawkins dance. In December, 2016 Jordan posted their old picture from high school times. Taylor confessed that many things changed since high school. Apparently not many schoolmates acknowledged her presence back than.

It seems that lot of people there made fun of her height and slim body. Now they are asking her if she remembers them although they acted like she did not even exist back then. We wish Taylor the best and hope that her relationship with the gorgeous model Michal Stephen Shank will last. They seems to be very happy with each other.