Tomi Lahren’s boyfriend

Young political commentator Tomi Lahren is very beautiful woman. It’s no wonder that her fans are interested who’s the lucky guy that’s dating her. And since she was sometimes criticized for her alleged bias against black people, the question if she would ever date a black guy also appeared on one of her interviews. So what are the answers?

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Tomi is from military family and belongs to a loud supporters od US Army. So it’s not surprising that she started dating Navy SEAL Jerad Christian in February 2015. This 25-year-old from Utah has blond hair and muscular body. He sounds like perfect boyfriend for her, right? But there were no news about this couple for a while and it looks like they eventually broke up.

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Her more recent dates created even more media fuss. Lahren was spotted few times with Chase McNary who ended up as second runner-up on TV dating show Bachelorette. They apparently spent some time together but eventually decided not pursue the relationship with each other. This all hapenned in winter 2016/2017 and Tomi Lahren is apparently completely single again!

During the interview on The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah asked her if she ever dated a black guy. Lahren denied him the clear answer. She laughed but didn’t ruled out the option. Some tabloids interpreted that as an acknowledgment that she dated someone black but that’s clearly a stretch.