Wroetoshaw’s girlfriend

YouTuber Harry Lewis is much more famous under his nicknames Wroetoshaw and W2S. His channel dedicated mostly to FIFA video games amassed almost 10 million subscribers. He is a little secretive about his dating life but we know who is his beautiful girlfriend.

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Wroetoshaw first confirmed that he has a girlfriend back in 201 when he was answering questions on video titled Hardest Q&A Ever. At that point, he didn’t disclose much more than her first name – Katie. This relationship proved to be quite steady since as of 2017 they are still dating.

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Her full name is Katie S. Leach and she is a cute brunette. She is one year younger than Wroetoshaw. So her current age is 19 years. Her Instagram site says she is from Guernsey/Winchester and it amassed almost 16 thousand followers.

With his wide fan base, W2S belongs to the most successful British YouTubers and has a nice passive income from online advertisement. He wears blue jumper so often on his videos that it became his trademark. This guy is living his dream. We wish him luck.