Yousef Erakat’s girlfriend

Yousef Erakat is YouTube personality recognized for his channel fouseyTUBE. He is uploading a video on YouTube every day and achieved over 9.8 million subscribers! Popular prankster started his journey on YouTube in 2011. Since then his channel gradually grows. In addition, his Instagram account has 2.3 million followers. Let’s take a look on Yousef’s dating history now.

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In 2016, Yousef Erakat started dating Instagram star Alycia Tyre. She is using her nickname Sahlt on her social accounts and also made her YouTube channel a year ago. Before she start dating Erakat, Sahlt hooked up with other Instagram star Klaus Bausch. Klaus gained most attention when he was dating her. After some time the couple decided to break up and now beautiful Instagram star Alycia Tyre is dating Yousef Erakat.

Erakat’s most popular videos include Happy Ending Massage Prank! or Yoga Pants Prank! Erakat also always wanted to be in a movie and in 2016 he played in We Love You and Boo! A Madea Halloween. In the later, Erakat appeared alongside famous actress Bella Thorne. Both movies went to cinema last fall.